About LokkBox

Our Company

LokkBox was founded by business and technology industry professionals that knew there had to be a better, more reliable, and secure way to backup valuable company data. With the single goal of providing peace of mind and a secure, reliable, yet cost effective solution, LokkBox was born.

We believe in simplicity. We don't have fancy television ads, quirky spokespeople, or complicated websites. Instead, we invest our resources into a product that is unmatched in features and reliability. We take pride in operating in a simple, straight-forward manner with a single goal in mind: Deliver a proven, cost effective, and robust solution.

Our Mission

LokkBox will operate on the principles of trust, honesty, integrity, and simplicity, while providing a robust, secure, and cost effective backup solution to our clients. We will be genuinely committed to the success of our clients' backup strategy.

Our people, service, and products will be extraordinary.