Online Backup - Education

Online Backup for Education

From critical research data that spans several years to student work to employee profiles, education institutions and professionals have specials needs when it comes to data backup. In order to effectively serve the needs of the education community, a backup system must have the capacity to store enormous volumes of constantly growing data for several years, must be able to handle data from multiple campuses or locations and must be highly cost-effective by requiring a very small backup window and little administration manpower.

At LokkBox, we offer a scalable backup solution that provides full data recovery after data loss due to a server crash, human error, or natural disaster. With full data encryption at the source, online transfers over a secure Internet connection, and multiple password-protected backups in vaults at an off-site data center, LokkBox ensures the integrity and availability of all stored data. In addition, the LokkBox system is designed to retain an unlimited amount of digital data for years.

LokkBox always strives to meet the unique backup needs of education professionals.