Online Backup - Engineering and Design

Online Backup for Engineering and Design

The data types, volume, and varied retention requirements applicable to engineers vary considerably from those of other users. To understand the benefits of using our service, it is necessary to examine these variances.

Data types

In addition to the general office data types used by most business users (Office applications, accounts, payroll, email, and specific industry database) engineers will commonly use shared engineering templates, C.A.D. (Autocad and many other related products), scientific mathematical manipulation software and 3d imaging model software. LokkBox can back all of them up, even when in use and throughout the day so that valuable design work is never lost.


The volume of data used by engineers generally exceeds normal user requirements by a factor of 30 (Source British Engineering Manufacturers association). The daily (more commonly, nightly) online backup window limits the amount of data that can be backed up per session. LokkBox has addressed this issue by offering multiple backup types, in-file delta technology and compression levels. These can be used to reduce the compression period and use the most appropriate type to ensure the available backup period per session is used efficiently providing near maximum performance throughout the available backup window and allowing normal resumption of services by start of day.

Retention requirements

Correct management of data retention requirements is essential as it directly affects data availability, relevance of data store, efficiency, compliance and cost. LokkBox provides the largest default data retention period in the industry (365 days and beyond). This extremely beneficial difference is however not the sole answer to data retention policy for engineers. Engineers face considerable data retention challenges. Among the most important to be addressed are the following:

• Project life to data availability requirement issues.
• Even projects with given completion dates do not necessarily have a simple or definite data store end date. Data pertaining to projects completed this month may be required in several years time.
• Multiple copy work in progress.
• Current projects will almost always involve multiple copies of documents and drawings with minimal variances providing detail on an interested party basis.
• Multiple versions per engineer.
• Each engineer on a job may have multiple versions of his / her own work to allow for changes, individual detail discussion and planning focused detail as against engineering focused detail.

Data protection requirements

In addition to ensuring that data is available when required, it is also imperative for management and IT to assist and direct engineering as to the obligations under compliance and importance from an efficiency and cost point of view to avoid indefinitely storing data beyond the requirement and specifically if it relates to unneeded personal or confidential information.

Mobile workforce

On-site and sub office level engineers need access to specific drawings and management need to ensure any locally loaded drawings at site or engineer laptop level are included in backup and data retention policy. To assist in addressing these data retention issues we have allowed the creation of multiple backup sets per system. All of these backup sets are individually configurable.


Engineering data backup requirements are considerably different from standard users. These differences are apparent in even a single engineer office environment and are compounded by the addition of multiple engineers, projects and work locations. LokkBox has considerable experience in providing online backup in situations like this and we have configured our service to offer an ideal engineering specific online backup solution.