Online Backup - Healthcare

Online Backup for Healthcare

The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) was enacted to improve the access and portability of patient health records while maintaining strict privacy and security of electronically transmitted private information. Health agencies that fail to comply with HIPAA's regulations now face strict fines and penalties.

How Lokkbox helps you comply with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule:

• Secure Transmission - LokkBox uses bank-level 128-bit AES encryption to transmit and store your data using a personalized encryption key that you choose, and (unlike our competitors) only you have access to.
• Physical Access - Using LokkBox ensures secure, offsite data storage. Our SAS 70 Type II certified data center features the tightest physical and technical safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to our mirrored data center. Both are hardened facilities with limited administrative access, restrictions for physical access and motion detectors and camera tracking.
• Logical Access - Logical access to backed up data is controlled with a secure user interface. Users can choose a custom encryption key as another layer of security or change the password if they feel the original has been compromised.

How Lokkbox helps you comply with HIPAA's Security Rule:

• Using LokkBox helps reduce your Security "Media Control" risks by eliminating insecure methods of data handling that result from traditional disk or tape backup techniques.
• Files are securely transmitted to LokkBox's data centers using encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authentication, access controls, auditing mechanisms, and event reporting as required by HIPAA's Security Policy.