Online Backup - Insurance

Online Backup for Insurance Companies

Insurance brokers have been between a rock and a hard place for some time due to the absolute necessity to ensure safety of data with a clear lack of resource with regard to the massive initial and ongoing investment required to run their own backup systems. Insurance companies will generally not allow brokers to share their online backup as the number of different companies relevant to the broker would make management very complicated and the net result near unusable for the broker.

If you are reading this it is likely you are an insurance broker and either intend moving to online backup or moving to a more superior online backup service than the one you have in place. LokkBox offers a secure, reliable and cost effective backup solution that will effectively backup all of your private information, whether the location consists of multiple users and servers at a central location or for remote offices and mobile users.

LokkBox provides an assurance that your data is backed up and replicated without the need for expensive and unreliable “traditional” backup solutions such as tape and disk backup. LokkBox is quickly becoming the #1 Choice for “insuring” the safety of your data.