Online Backup - Legal

Online Backup for Legal Professionals

Members of the legal profession do not need to be told about the importance of and risk associated with the management of computer data. Many however, do need to be informed about the unnecessary risk associated with tape and disk based backup systems. More still have important questions about online backup which need answering.

The issue of tape as a prime data backup system is of great significance to the legal profession as many small practices still depend on tape systems today. So, what is wrong with tape? Tape is an antiquated, high risk, user intensive, manual solution for a process that should be secure and automated but is not.

Why is tape suddenly unpopular despite decades of service?

Tape always had these weaknesses. They have been apparent for some time. Technical and financial restrictions coupled with a previously lower dependence on computer systems and lack of a killer application for backup left a space to be filled. Today, the dependence, even the ubiquity of computers has led to the risk associated with computer data to be taken far more seriously at end user practice and government legislation levels. In addition, as a consequence of communications improvements and in particular broadband uptake, online backup (previously the domain of large corporations) has become a viable option for even the smallest legal practice.

Security and confidentiality concerns for the legal profession.

This should be the number one concern for any business. Its significance is all the more glaring in the case of a company offering legal advice. Every attorney processes and stores data of a highly confidential and personal nature for a large number of people. Any breach, intentional or accidental, is likely to be detrimental to clients and the practice. When examining this, there are two very important questions which need asking;

1) What level of encryption is used?

Encryption has been around a long time. The Egyptians encrypted messages on stone tablets long before you got your first computer. Don't just accept any level of encryption. The level increases over time to avoid code cracking by faster and faster super computers. We support all major scientific encryption levels. This means that you can go with our default encryption, which is bank level (the type you use on banking online) or chose from a list of all the major modern encryption types.

2) Who knows the code?

A code (no matter what encryption you use) is only as safe as it is secret. With most online backup systems today, the service provider issues the client with a code. This by default means that the service provider could potentially read your data! With our system, the code can be generated at the client side. We never know the code and you can change it with or without reference to us. This is a crucial difference set between our system and almost all others.

If after reading this document you would like assistance or have general concerns about your current or intended backup system, contact LokkBox in strict confidence and find out what we can do for your practice.