Online Backup - Retail

Online Backup for Retail

The retail business poses significant general IT challenges, particularly in sectors managing a large volume of low value transactions. Any issues with POS systems no matter the cause, will risk downtime and consequential loss of business. Indeed, point of sale difficulties result in a faster effect on bottom line than almost any other system. In some cases this can actually be visible as clients leave slow moving queues while tellers try to manage manually in the absence of required automation. Another key challenge for IT In the retail environment is the lengthy opening hours. This leaves minimal (or none for a 24 hour outlet) total system availability for data backup, computer house keeping and system service. It is common for POS systems to use SQL at back end level. The shear size of files coupled with ongoing activity result in a large data backup requirement and a very small daily backup time span.

Most online backup providers do not target the retail market because of the above complications. Many others will unwittingly offer trials to this sector literally in the hope that it will work out. When it doesn't, it may result in far more than some wasted effort. POS system networks should never be amended without a very specific plan and the involvement of the engineers who configured the network. All this being said, online backup for retail offers automation of a critical task in an environment that may not possess qualified technicians throughout all opening hours. The paradox of online backup for retail environments is that despite the challenges, when implemented correctly it offers greater security than any other system.

Retail environments, as with all business data environments have a pressing need for adequate data backup. In addition to this, retail environments suffer great and immediate effect from downtime even if no data is actually lost. Any addition to a retail environment needs to be planned and managed carefully with the best available industry partnerships. Avoiding the addition of any industry wide fail safe mechanism (especially those pertaining to data backup) purely on the basis of concern over downtime will only allow a lack of confidence based on non online backup experience to prevent your business the critical benefits of said systems.

Using LokkBox’s intelligent backup software, retail environments can meet all of the challenges head on and ensure a timely, trouble free backup solution for all outlets, locations and offices in the organization.