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Online Backup for Technology Firms

As an information technology company specializing in online data backup, we are very familiar with the challenges information technology companies in general face with regard to data backup and management. The quantities, range, duplication and varying relevance life cycles of data in use by technology companies make data management an essential but often onerous task.

In addition to the standard data backup of all companies such as accounts, payroll, office documents and email, technology companies must manage code for complete and current projects in addition to white papers and technical documents. Even in a small technology company, much of this data may be spread across multiple systems and networks and mobile users may be connected for short periods at irregular intervals.

Data management and backup must be implemented to include all required (for in-house use and to meet compliance) data while data which passes its relevance must be excluded to reduce the backup overhead and meet requirements regarding not storing personal data beyond its relevance. All of this must be implemented and managed ongoing without interrupting high investment programming time. These requirements apply to virtually all technology companies ranging from software house to solo web designer to network, consulting or hardware companies.

Given that this has been written for technology companies, we will assume for the remainder of this document that you the reader, are an IT professional and you are familiar with the concept and general terminology pertaining to online backup. This allows us specifically to focus on the benefits of our system over other offerings.

What can LokkBox offer technology companies?

Here we will focus on important features of our online backup system above and beyond the competition. Please note that many of these features although obvious when considered are not standard with other online backup companies and we have not yet identified one company in the word other than LokkBox offering all of these features.

Independent client side management

We offer unlimited technical support to all clients. Our experience shows however that technology companies like to take ownership of their online backup by becoming familiar with all features and quickly reaching a stage at which they would only call us for the occasional query or for disaster recovery assistance. Any client who reduces average client inbound call time should be welcome with any supplier. Many online backup companies however cannot facilitate this level of client ownership as their software limits the client side feature implementation. Our software allows clients (depending on password authentication) to avail of and amend any and all features with or without reference to us.

Software upgrades as standard

We as a technology company recognize the importance of having the most functional and stable release of software available regardless of the application type. We offer each release as a single install upgrade to all clients without additional charge. We do this because it is in our interest that all LokkBox clients use the most effective solution available.

Technology partner program opportunities

LokkBox is partnered with a number of strong technology firms. We are keen to forge new partnerships with best of breed technology companies who can offer benefits to our clients.

If you represent a technology company then you are likely either using online backup at the moment or are here as a consequence of knowing that online backup represents the most intelligent roadmap for data security. LokkBox is positioned to provide your technology company focused online backup solution. Contact us in strict confidence to avail of technology company, focused world-class online backup.