Online Backup - Transportation

Online Backup for Transportation

Limousine services, rental car companies, bus operators, taxicab companies and other transportation companies all rely on repeat business, and that means customer satisfaction is an important part in keeping and growing the customer base. When operations are interrupted because of a data loss, it can mean missed appointments, missed connections for the customer, and generally harm the reputation of the provider in so far as reliability. That could hugely impact their business. Using a dependable online back provider is crucial to ensuring that inevitable data interruptions are quickly and efficiently dealt with.

Even major catastrophes like fire and flood can be greatly minimized by the ability of companies to speedily get back to business. Free or low-end backup providers are not geared for catastrophes - they depend on their clients not having a problem. If they do, because the company receives little or no revenue, it is not important for the provider to restore their data. LokkBox operates at the other end of the spectrum. We charge a very cost effective solution for providing ongoing data protection - and we include 24/7/365 emergency support. Our technical support is geared for businesses, and we know how important it is to get companies back online ASAP.

Key Benefits:

1. Security
• Data is encrypted before being backed up
• Data is transferred using a 128bit security. This is the same type of security that banks use for Internet Banking
• All backup data is replicated to a second server
• Nobody else has access to your information, not even us.
2. Automatic
• Backups operate automatically in the background, either while you are working or after hours
• Multiple schedules can be created for each backup task
• Suitable for portable computers that are not always connected to the network
• LokkBox can run any other task automatically, after the backup is complete or before it starts
3. Offsite storage
• Your data is stored safely in a managed, secure data center
• By backing up offsite, you virtually eliminate the risk of losing your mission-critical information
• You can access your data from anywhere in the world if necessary
4. Affordable
• No startup cost
• No equipment to buy
• Start and stop the service whenever you want
• No tapes or hard drives to replace
• Reduces administration time. No need to manually backup computers
• Low monthly cost and annual discount options available
• Plans available to suit any size of data. You choose the amount of storage you want
5. Reliable
• The system is fully monitored. You will be notified automatically about any problems by email
• Even open files and in-use databases can be backed up - while you are still working
• LokkBox allows you to restore any version of a file from a previous backup, even files you have previously deleted
6. Easy
• No technical knowledge is required to get up and running. The LokkBox client installs in seconds.
• Restoring files is as simple as browsing your backup data as though it was on your own computer
• A few simple clicks let you restore files or folders in seconds
• Restore files directly from My LokkBox online if you cannot get to your own computer