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We would like to offer you the opportunity to experience just how exciting simple, worry-free data backup can be. So that you can fully understand the capabilities, effectiveness, and reliability of our product, we invite you to participate in a no obligation trial.

As part of your trial program, we'll give you 10 gigabytes of storage and 14 days to backup as much or as little as you want. You get access to all of our incredible features and our My Account management portal which allows you to customize your account and monitor your backup jobs. You'll also have the ability to upgrade your account to a paid subscription with absolutely no interruption or loss of the backup configurations you've already completed.

We're confident that you'll quickly see how LokkBox can quickly make your life easier allowing you to worry less about your backups, and focus more on your business. You're just a few clicks away from simple, worry-free backups.

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