Online Backup - How it Works


The LokkBox solution has been designed to make things easy and uncomplicated. We've invested in the resources to secure your data so you don't have to. To use our product, you simply install the LokkBox client on your servers, desktops, and laptops. You then specify what you'd like to backup, how often you'd like to back it up, and how long you want to retain the backup. That's it! Our product will take care of the rest.

Your data is compressed, encrypted, and securely transported to our servers. Then, we replicate that data to secondary servers to make sure your information is always at your fingertips. You also have the option of generating a backup to local storage in your network at the same time it transmits data to our facilities. Keeping your information safe, secure, and available couldn't be easier.

Solution At-a-Glance

This diagram illustrates how your data is compressed and securely transported to our facilities. We make sure your data is always safe by replicating to secondary servers in real-time.

Online Backup for Business How it Works Diagram


Redundancy, Security, and Compliance

All of LokkBox's facilities are fully redundant N+1 data centers that have achieved SAS 70 Type II certifications. We maintain redundant hardware, hot spares, and continuous replication to ensure the protection and availability of your valuable data.

We also employ multiple, redundant internet connections that are secured using industry-leading hardware and software.


Uncomplicated and Refined

We've invested in software development, high-end data center facilities, and best-in-breed server infrastructure in order to deliver an online backup experience that is refined yet remains uncomplicated. Our product employs several features to make sure your data remains safe at all times. So while we've made it as easy as point-and-click, rest assured that we work hard to deliver an industry-leading online backup experience that is easy, secure, and affordable.