The LokkBox Advantage


No two businesses are alike when it comes to an application portfolio. We recognize how important it is to offer a comprehensive solution that can backup all of your data regardless of the operating system type, database, or file type. With minimal system requirements, our product can be installed on virtually any computer.

We have designed a solution that can address all of your backup needs. You no longer need to use multiple tools to perform various backup functions. Our product offers unparalleled features that give you the tools necessary to protect your valuable business data.

More Reliable

Traditional backup systems like tape are proven to be inconsistent in their reliability. The estimated tape restore failure rates have been estimated to be as much as 71% by Gartner. With Online Backup there are no tapes to fail or replace, no hardware to repair or maintain and no extensive knowledge or training required in order to use the LokkBox product.

Easier to Restore

Online backup from LokkBox allows you to securely restore any file, from anywhere to anywhere immediately using the unique web account management feature. Alternatively the LokkBox clients can also be used to restore files directly to the host or network in question. With tape based systems, the appropriate tape must first be physically located or retrieved, often must be merged into a database prior to restore and is plagued by restore difficulties and complications.

More Cost Effective

Online backup is affordable and returns a quick and positive Return On Investment (ROI). In order to maintain a "best practice" backup procedure, businesses are required to spend a significant amount of time and money managing a tape or disk based back solution. Firstly hardware, software, media and licenses must be purchased and must continue to be licensed, replaced and maintained on a monthly and yearly basis. Tapes must be replaced at very regular intervals at great expense and also stored off site with a reputable electronic media storage service and facility which can be costly, cumbersome and time consuming. Couple these expenses with the significant amount of IT labor it takes to manage, monitor and configure a traditional backup system and the saving become apparent when comparing with the LokkBox Online Backup solution which is an 'all in one solution' that addresses all of these issues for a low monthly subscription.

Zero Up Front Investment

LokkBox Online Backup requires no initial investment or one time payment to begin backing up your data safely. Traditional backup systems require the purchase of tape drives, tapes, software, licenses, disk drives and all of the associated infrastructure and skill to install and support them.

No Ongoing Maintenance

Traditional backup software packages must typically be maintained by purchasing annual licensing agreements to ensure support and updated software versions. LokkBox requires no extra fees as all updates, support and maintenance is included in the low monthly fee.

Free Software Upgrades

Smart technology in the LokkBox product means that all software updates and new versions will be made automatically available to each and every client. Traditional systems often require an additional purchase to upgrade to the latest versions.

Unlimited Hosts / Clients

With a LokkBox account you are able to install the backup client on as many hosts (desktops, laptops, servers etc) as you need for no extra cost. Tape and disk based backup software requires the costly purchase of an 'agent' license for every machine that you need to back up.

Easier to Setup

Online backup software clients by LokkBox (LokkBox OBM) can be installed in minutes with no special or training required. System requirements are clear and server a multitude of Operating Systems and platforms. Tape and disk based backup software can be difficult to install and configure and must be made to work with a huge variety of tape hardware and media which often causes compatibility and configuration issues.

Regulatory Compliance / Offsite Storage Requirements

By choosing online backup, our customers ensure that stringent off site storage requirements are met automatically. Data is uploaded to a SAS 70 Type II data center (and can also be simultaneously backed up to local storage using the same encryption) thus meeting such common regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley. Media based backup systems require the media (tapes, disks) to be collected, stored and retrieved (in the case of a required restore) at great expense.

Free up IT Time (less management)

The easy to read and automated notification features of LokkBox Online Backup coupled with the ability to setup backup jobs and leave them to run automatically leaves your IT team with significantly more time to address other important initiatives in your business. Traditional systems require daily review, tape changing, inspection and checking.

Continuous Backup

LokkBox Online Backup Manager (OBM) includes the ability to set continuous backups or backups at very regular intervals throughout the work day (depending on your needs). Using this feature, your business can be sure of backing data as it changes rather than the more traditional method of once a day, at the end of the day.