LokkBox Online Backup Case Studies

No other online backup provider was able to offer the combination of low cost, feature rich, easy to use and proven service.

— Luxury Hotel Company

Luxury Hotel Management and Operating Company

Online Backup Hospitality Industry Case Study

"Moving to an online backup process with advanced features has allowed the company to meet its backup windows, meet regulatory and internal audit compliance, and improve its recovery speed and disaster recovery process."

This company controls over 20 hotels and resorts in North America. The company operates approximately 180 servers that serve a wide variety of systems and applications from Property Management Systems (PMS) to Back Office Accounting. The company operates a predominately Windows based computing infrastructure with elements of Mac and Linux in minority and operates out of two data centers.

Luxury Hotel Management and Operating Company Case Study

National Healthcare Organization

Online Backup Healthcare Industry Case Study

"The project has successfully met and continues to meet all of its goals. Tape support requirements were eliminated for all locations as well as off site storage services form 3rd parties."

The medical sector has come under increasing pressure to be vigilant with regard to the protection of confidential patient information and ensure the secure retention of historical medical records. This regional healthcare organization operates 35 clinics and medical centers across the United States.

National Healthcare Organization